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Welcome to tutoring at East Side Learning Center

As volunteers, you are the hands and feet of East Side Learning Center's (ESLC) mission. We appreciate the time, talent and commitment you give to help East Side children learn to read. Below are links to resources used in our trainings and to materials and sites with more information. 

2019-20 Tutoring Information

Tutors are asked to complete a full criminal history background check beginning in 2019. Download the two forms below and visit the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (1430 Maryland Ave E, St Paul, MN 55106). 

Background Check Form 

Release of Background Check Information Form

The cost of the background check is $35. ESLC will reimburse you for the background check or you can pay for it as an in-kind contribution. Download the appropriate form below. 

Background Check Reimbursement Request

General Tutoring Information

We need more tutors, so please share this opportunity with friends and family or ask your faith community to post in the bulletin or on the volunteer board. 

ESLC Volunteer Tutoring Flyer - General

ESLC Volunteer Tutoring Flyer - Faith Communities

Site Calendars

BruceF Vento

Community of Peace Academy

HOPE Community Academy

John A. Johnson Achievement Plus

Saint Paul Music Academy

The ESLC Volunteer Promise

Youth Program Quality Assessment Training 2017 Presentation - Our Continuous Improvement Efforts

Reading Strategy Ring Samples

Comprehension Presentation

Comprehension Prompts

Meeting the Needs of Diverse Learners

First-Third Grade Lesson Plan Tutorial (requires Flash)