Lesson Plan


East Side Learning Center uses personalized lesson plans for each child we tutor. The general format and outline of lesson plans are standardized across sites, though each student’s lesson will be tailored to their specific needs and interests.  Many of our volunteers have no experience in education prior to starting to tutor with us. The easy-to-follow lesson plans make it easy for people from all backgrounds to tutor with ESLC. Read below for more information about what happens during a typical lesson.

Student reads to tutor.
During this time, a child works on fluency and builds confidence in his or her own reading.

Tutor reads to student. Reading aloud to children is so important to their growth as readers! This is also a great time to bond with your student and engage them in conversation.

Sight words are the words that children should know on sight at their grade level. After hearing and seeing the vocabulary words a few times, students should be able to identify them without sounding out.

Skills Development and Skills Review.
In these sections of the plan, you’ll work on key reading skills assigned by the lesson planner. Any instructions will be written clearly and materials will be provided. There should be no guesswork on your part as to how to approach new skills with children.

Guided reading
is the “heart” of the lesson plan. As children read the Wright books, they are developing critical reading and comprehension skills. Because of the importance of the skills developed during this section of the lesson, you will typically spend the most time on it. You’ll notice under this section on your lesson plan: “Before Reading”, “During Reading”, and “After Reading”. Each section works on building different skills, and corresponds to the Tutor Guide which accompanies the guided reading book.

Games and activities
are a great motivator!  Educational games are a sneaky way to get kids to practice important skills and have fun while doing it.

Wrap up and Reflection. At the end of the lesson, ask your student about what they learned that day.  When the session is over, write down any strengths or difficulties from the session in red pen for the lesson planner to review.