Stocks & Security Donations

Donating Stocks & Securities to East Side Learning Center, Inc.

Thank you for your donation of stock securities or mutual funds. As a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit, East Side Learning Center (ESLC) accepts donations of mutual funds and securities. Our securities vendor is UBS Financial Services, Inc.

  • You will need ESLC's EIN: 04-3699678
  • UBS DTC:      0221         
  • East Side Learning Center UBS Account Number: 7C 26098

Download ESLC's Stock and Securities Donation form.


Securities Donations


  1. Contact the Mutual Fund Company or Firm that is holding the Mutual Fund and tell them they want to gift mutual funds to a client at UBS. 
  2. If it’s a Financial Institution and not a Mutual Fund company, you can send shares out as a partial Account Transfer to UBS. 
  3. Provide the above UBS DTC and East Side Learning Center UBS Account number.
  4. Provide the following information with the firm or Mutual Fund Company. 
    • Name of Security being donated
    • Security Symbol
    • Quantity of Security Shares being donated

Mutual Fund Securities Donations


  1. Contact UBS to open a BIN Account for the Mutual Fund Company to pull the shares in.
    Julie A Heidenreich, UBS Sr. Registered Client Service Associate
    (651) 298-1674 or (800) 444-0582 
  2. If the shares are held directly at the Mutual Fund Company, contact your Mutual Fund Company and tell them what shares they are gifting. 
  3. Tell the Mutual Fund Company that UBS will open a BIN Account with the company to pull the shares in for East Side Learning Center.
  4. Provide them and UBS with the following information:
    • Security Name
    • Security Symbo
    • Security Quantity number of shares
    • Your Account Number at the Mutual Fund Company