Employee Matching Grants

Pause. Think...

  1. Do you work or are you retired from a business that matches your charitable donations to nonprofits?
  2. Does your employer support your volunteer work with grant opportunities?
  3. Are you unsure about the answers to these questions?

Odds are your workplace does support your charitable giving and volunteering! In fact, nearly two-thirds of employers surveyed in America's Charities' 2013 Snapshot Report, indicate they match employee payroll contributions. East Side Learning Center welcomes matching grants from your business or company for volunteer time served. We will likely be able to match the financial contribution another time by using one of our ESLC challenge matches. That could potenially more than quadruple your donation!

How to secure matching funds for ESLC 

To learn whether your employer matches donated time or financial gifts, contact your Human Resources Department. Many businesses support the contributions and volunteer efforts of their employees and retirees. Matching gift programs and grants to nonprofits where employees volunteer are extensions of corporate philanthropy. 

Through these programs, companies—big, small, and in between—support employee charitable giving of time, talents and money.

This year Tim, an IBM employee and volunteer tutor, took advantage of his company’s corporate giving program on behalf of ESLC. Tim simply logged his volunteer hours with IBM and completed a short application form with assistance from ESLC. The result: a $2,000 Community Grant to ESLC which we were able to match from IBM.

Please help ELSC tap into these dollars by calling your Human Resources Department. They should direct you to a grant application form. Simply call us at 651-758-0660 or email development[@]eslcmn.org for assistance in completing the form. Most company matching forms request the following information about the nonprofit: 

Name: East Side Learning Center
EIN: 04-3699678
Mailing address: P.O. Box 6703, Saint Paul, MN 55106 
Phone: 651-758-0660

To arrange direct deposits, please contact: 

Phone: 651-758-0660
Email: development[@]eslcmn.org

To view information about the most commonly found workplace giving programs, please visit the link below. You may also use this form as a resource for your reference when meeting with your Human Resources Department.

Download a PDF form