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A holiday message from the Executive Director

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December 3, 2019

Happy holidays from all of us at ESLC, 

As we approach this season of celebration, I want to share an update from my heart. 

The 2019 school year is off and running with 500 children participating Monday through Thursday during and after school. When I think about these children—our children, I am reminded that each one is uniquely gifted with talents that must be nurtured. Reading is among the most foundational skills needed for each child to build confidence, nurture talents, and to succeed in school, life, and work. Who knows? Maybe one of ESLC's children will invent the cure for cancer, Alzheimer's, or start a nonprofit that feeds millions of children. 

Our children need you more than ever, to invest in their potential.

Currently, more than 60% of third graders in the Twin Cities cannot read at grade level. Unfortunately, these children are four times more likely to later drop out of school.

But you can change the trajectory of a child's life ... 

Just 43 hours of ESLC tutoring with a caring Literacy Mentor is enough for most children to acquire foundational reading skills! That's less than $1,400 per child. Support a child today with a gift that will last a lifetime--the gift of literacy. Below is what your investment buys for each child: 

  • $6.62 covers two giveaway books per child
  • $33.31 supports an hour of tutoring for a child
  • $133.23 provides one child with a week of tutoring
  • $279.68 offers two weeks of tutoring and two books for a child
  • $1,395.11 ensures one child receives more than 41 hours of tutoring and eight free books for a school year
  • $5,580.45 funds tutoring and eight books for three children 
  • $13,951.14 underwrites tutoring and eight books for 10 children for the year

Will you be the one that makes the difference for a child? Give today and your gift will be doubled! See challenge match details below in No. 1.


Every child matters. Every gift makes a difference, not matter how big or small...

With your support, the child will grow and blossom. With your support, every child can learn to read. Last year, 73% of the children in ESLC's program met rigorous reading goals. Give online by clicking the button above, or mail your gift to: 

East Side Learning Center
740 York Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106

Peace to you as we close 2019,

Chris Flippo
Executive Director

P.S. Read on for great ways to make an even greater impact 


9 Ways to maximize your impact and give more

  1. Volunteer. Sign up to become a Literacy Mentor!
  2. Double your gift via these Challenge Matches: $20,000 from the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation and $15,000 from the Otto Bremer Foundation. Give now to double the impact of your investment. The first requires us to secure new donors and increased amounts from current donors. So consider increasing your commitment this year to help us make this match or ask a friend to give. Then give again in 2019 to be matched by the Otto Bremer Fund. 
  3. Become a monthly supporter, which helps ESLC plan its expenses and build a sustainable program. Pledges count toward both matches. 
  4. Shop on with the Amazon Smile program! Visit Amazon Smile first, log in, search for and designate East Side Learning Center as the recipient of proceeds, and shop away. Remember, you must always start at Amazon Smile to earn money for ESLC with your purchases! You know you're earning income for ESLC if the website address is and you see our name under the Amazon product search box. 
    Amazon Smile
  5. Ask your company to match your gift to and/or volunteer time with ESLC. Read more about employee matching grants.
  6. Designate your gift to The Sister Audrey Children's Reading Fund. If we exceed our budget this fiscal year, your gift to this fund will be set aside for a scholarship endowment for children in need of literacy tutoring. 
  7. ESLC accespts stocks and securities
  8. Consider leaving a legacy by naming East Side Learning Center in your will (after you have taken care of your loved ones). Meet John, a legacy donor, and learn why he gives to ESLC. 
  9. Start a fundraiser for children's literacyShare our message with friends and family. You can raise funds for a holiday, your birthday, or in honor of a loved one using this tool at Click the white button "Fundraise" button on our donation page to get started.

    Optionally, you can start a fundraiser using your favorit tools, by sending letters or forwarding ESLC's emails to friends and family. Feel free to copy content from our web site and build your own content to raise funds for ESLC. 

Your gift makes a difference!

  • $20 - $44
  • $45 - $90
  • $91 - $135
  • $136 - $180
  • $181 - $215
  • $216 - $1k+


Prefer not to donate online? 
Checks gratefully accepted to avoid our online processing fees:

East Side Learning Center
740 York Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55106


Thank you for helping us so the ESLC will keep on going because a lot of boys and girls want to learn to read!     ~Sarah, Student

The ESLC is a highly effective, well-managed non-profit organization that accomplishes tremendous results on a very lean budget.
~Cara Quinn, Executive Director, Community of Peace Academy


Review East Side Learning Center's annual funders, our annual report and Federal 990 Report.