2020 Celebration honors community

Kao Kalia VangOn June 5, 2020, Literacy Mentors and friends of ESLC gathered via Zoom to reflect on the time spent with the young readers last year. Leaders shared how ESLC wants to make an impact within the community and with students.

The highlight for  many was thoughts and remarks by East Side author Kao Kalia Yang. She  shared an essay reading and a message of gratitude with Literacy Mentors.

Her words so beautifully speak to what is at the heart of our Literacy Mentors’ work:

“I am reminded again and again with my little ones, it is the small things that make possible the big things... I want to thank you for the work that you are doing, for the stories you are entering. I think it is through stories that we feel, through stories that we think, through stories that we love, through stories that we heal.”

Additionally, staff and tutors remembered the life of George Floyd as they shared how they hope to overcome the systemic racism in education. For more, read ESLC's blog, "We can do Better" by Executive Director Chris Flippo.

ESLC End Of Year2

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