Tutor Tip: What's in a Letter Sound

Do the children sound out words by adding a vowel sound to some consonants? For example, when teaching the sound for the letter "p" it is a soft burst of air out of the lips but no sound from the voice or throat. It is /p/, not /puh/. This is important, because when children sound out a word, such as "pan," they will assume the "uh" sound is meant to be stated. In this case, the child may say /puh /a/ /nuh/ instead of /p/ /a/ /n/ as it is meant to be read. We recommend watching letter sound videos with someone teaching the sound correctly when teaching letter sounds to young children so you can better guide each child's reading journey. Download this app to your phone to get it right: Letter Sounds A to Z. This app has downloads for personal computers, Mac computers, iPhones, iPads, Androids, and more. 

Visit the All About Learning website to download this simple app.