Your impact ripples through generations

Literacy Mentors and donors are the difference makers

Greetings East Side Learning Center friends, family, tutors, and supporters! Your investment made such a huge difference this year and that investment will last for generations. Every child that learns to read is a child who has an opportunity to graduate, step out of poverty, and become a contributing member of society. 

Eventually, the child may have children. What will be different for those children because the parent(s) can read and earn a living wage? Imagine the generational impact of the time and resources you gave this year carrying forward to the child's children and grandchildren. When you care for a child, when you invest in literacy, you are impacting that child, plus Istock 513204849many future generations.

YOU TRANSFORMED THE LIVES of 277 children (and their future families) through the foundation of reading by providing 23,693 sessions totaling 11,823 hours of tutoring. With your support, 70% of the children in our program met reading growth goals and 39% showed accelerated growth. Accelerated growth means they learned faster than average and are catching up to grade level expectations, so thank you to each and every one of you for your financial support, your donation of time and talent mentor children, and your passion for changing our world – one child, one book, and one tutoring session at a time

As in the past, more than 92% of Kindergartens were 1st-grade-ready and 86% of first through third graders met their reading book-level growth goals!

This year has been a year of transitioning and understanding what could be accomplished when we work together. I want to share what we learned and what it means for you, for ESLC, and for the children. Check out my summer blogs read: 

What we learned about: 

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