The Spirit of the Holidays

During the holidays, we are at our finest. We are thinking more of others than throughout any other month of the year. The simple laughter of our children brings us joy as all feelings of selflessness pour over us for the remainder of the year. This is the Spirit of the Holidays.

The Spirit of the Holidays is the act of giving without expecting anything in return. It’s finding peace in the happiness of others, forgetting the self, and making connections with those around you.

Love, generosity and goodness are the ideals we aspire to at this time of year. When we become more interested in serving and giving to people, we live a more meaningful life and feel a deeper connection with humanity.

There is a Buddhist teaching that those who give and are truly generous will never eat another meal without desiring to share it with another. Maya Angelou once said that giving, “liberates the soul of the giver.” Thank you for sharing the holiday spirit by giving generously of your time and support this season.

The holidays are also an opportunity to spend time with family and friends. As you’re surrounded by loved ones and especially children this holiday season, please, remember our children at ESLC—children like Peter from the Teeter Totter, pictured above.

Peter, a small boy in kindergarten, comes to tutoring every day at Bruce Vento Elementary school with a twinkle in his eye and a bright smile on his face. Recently, after a long weekend, he plopped down next to his tutor, legs swinging from the over-sized chair and emphatically announced, “I MISSED YOU!” The tutor paused, grew a large smile and simply replied, “Well, I missed you too, Peter.”

Love, generosity and goodness are abundant at ESLC and not just during the holiday season. Every day at ESLC, caring adult tutors build loving relationships to meet the needs of underserved children in St. Paul. Please, remember Peter during this holiday season. In honor of the powerful work being done at ESLC every day, please give the gift of reading to children like Peter by donating today.

Gifts can be mailed to ESLC at 740 York Ave, St. Paul MN 55106 or click here to donate online.

TT 6 3 Panel

About ESLC's "Teeter Totter" Tutoring Cartoon Series

Watch our social media and web sites for more stories about the balancing act between tutor and child. We sometimes wonder as tutors what is going on in a child's life. When a child says, "I missed you," we know we fulfill an unmet need. At ESLC we smile, we listen, we nurture, but most of all, we love. We also build reading skills. It's the first part, the love, that paves the way to the second part, the reading. And that is how we do it!