Small Acts Make a World of Difference in the Life of A Child

We are writing with an urgent request. As you already know by now, East Side Learning Center lost one third of its funding due to United Way cuts to children's literacy in the Twin Cities. That's an annual loss of $205,000, used to help children unlock their potential through the foundation of reading and transform their lives through education. Unfortunately, ESLC is experiencing a funding gap of $90,000 for this year alone. ESLC is already tutoring 40 less children this year. Though we are still tutoring 280 children a year, we face the reality that 40 more children will go without literacy tutoring next year if we cannot spread the word in our community to help us raise more funds. Tragically, children who are already lacking in opportunity may miss out on this powerful program.

The good news is, our community has the power to come together to make a difference for those impacted by inequities. Please, pause and imagine with us a child living in poverty. Now imagine that child is given one-on-one personalized literacy instruction every day for kindergarten through third grade. He or she has managed to overcome barriers such as English language learning, homelessness and food insecurity in order to successfully read at grade level by third grade. Imagine with us that this child goes on to graduate high school, attend college and become a leader in their community. Will your simple, small act of kindness today, to spread the word about our fundraising gap, make a world of difference in that child's life tomorrow? Absolutely!

Stories like the one above come true at ESLC. However, children on the east side will continue to stay in poverty unless we bring more people in support of literacy tutoring programs like ESLC. When a child reads successfully at grade level by third grade, learning in all subjects is easier. Every child experiencing poverty deserves to build a foundation in reading and choose his or her own future.

Let's show the meaning of strength in numbers—for the sake of each child living on St. Paul's east side. Please help spread the word about ESLC's program and the needs of our children. A tax deductible contribution of:

  • $30 will provide a child with an hour of reading tutoring
  • $60 will provide a child with a week of reading tutoring
  • $100 will provide ten books for reading tutoring
  • $300 will provide one child with four weeks of summer reading tutoring sessions
  • $1,000 or more will make you an ESLC Scholar- this group of supporters will be wined and dined by the executive director once a year!
  • $1,500 will provide one child with an entire school year of reading tutoring
  • $5,000 will fund free books and tutoring for three children for one year

Are you going to be around friends and family this holiday season?  Click here to read some suggested talking points to help you spread the word about meeting our children's needs.

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About ESLC's "Teeter Totter" Tutoring Cartoon Series

Watch our social media and web sites for more stories about the balancing act between tutor and child. At ESLC, tutoring is full of surprises and fun! As tutors, we sometimes can't contain the laughter and must share our stories. Staff member Sister Sharon still lights up with a smile when retelling this story. Children truly are a source of joy!