Mittens of Hope

Mittens of Hope

By: Rebecca Nordstrom, Staff

Mittens Of Hope 350Our tutors are what make our mission possible. When they go above and beyond their volunteer commitment, we stand in awe of their generosity and kindness. Colleen Ginter, a first-year tutor at HOPE Community Academy, used her warm-heartedness to quite literally warm our ESLC children this year. She took it upon herself to knit them mittens for Minnesota winters!  She says, “No child should go without the basics. ‘Cold hands, warm heart’ shouldn't be a quote that applies to kids!”

As a former Kindergarten and First Grade teacher, Colleen comes to us with a wealth of experience and professional expertise. Her love of young children and passion for teaching reading are clearly evident in the warm, caring manner in which she engages and encourages her students.  Colleen has a special way of eliciting giggles, outright laughter, and meaningful conversation during her tutoring sessions.   

Besides helping her young students develop their phonetic and comprehension skills and expand their oral language, Colleen has also offered comfort and safety by providing more than 30 pairs of hand-made mittens for students who needed them. According to our school staff, the need is great. Over 95% of our ESLC children come from families that are at or below the poverty line, making it difficult for them to afford proper outerwear for bone-chilling winters. We often see children at our schools who are ill-equipped to handle freezing temperatures.

ESLC is honored to work with heartwarming tutors like Colleen Ginter. She has spent many winter evenings knitting bright and colorful mittens while watching television or listening to music.  HOPE staff and parents are very grateful for Colleen's special response to an obvious need. Thanks, Colleen!

For information on how to donate winter wear to one of our five sites, please call (651) 793-7331 or email