New Training Tool for Tutors

The ESLC’s personalized lesson plans start where the child is at, taking their individual needs and goals into account while helping them up to the next level of reading. This lesson plan is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes our tutoring so effective.

With this in mind, Dean Andrew and Pam Pervenanze (ESLC Board members), together with Kristina Scherber (Coordinator of Volunteers), recently created an e-learning program to teach new tutors how to use lesson plans.

New volunteer Julia Davis appreciates their efforts.

"The E-Learning course is very helpful and prepared me for my first day,” Davis said. “I appreciate the explanation of the three parts to a tutoring session being compared to a workout (Warm up, workout, cool down). The analogy helped me remember what I needed to accomplish."

The use of the e-learning program provides several benefits:

  • Saves the time needed for the Coordinator of Volunteers to train new volunteers on the lesson plan
  • Provides consistency of training
  • Permits a learn-at-your-own-pace approach, and allows new volunteers to repeat sections as needed.