The Gift of Reading- 2017

Give a Child the Gift of Reading

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Your impact on the future of our community

Your gift ensures children learn to read and write so they can succeed in school and choose their own futures. You will be providing high-quality tutoring for our most vulnerable children.

Ka Davenport’s sons, now in high school, participated in ESLC tutoring in kindergarten and first grade. When they started tutoring, they were unable to read at grade level. Ka told us:

“The results from ESLC turned out to be unbelievable. Today, both of my sons are doing so well. Now they’re tutoring my eight year old daughter. She is able to read and spell. She is now confident enough to pick a book out and read it on her own. All thanks to ESLC’s hard work”

Your tax-deductible contribution will be doubled

Through a matching grant from the Katherine B. Anderson Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation your impact on the future of our children will be doubled! 

  • $31.87 funds an hour of tutoring for a child
  • $127.48 provides one child a week of tutoring
  • $264.48 enables one child to receive two weeks of tutoring and a book to call her own
  • $528.16 pays for four weeks of tutoring and two books for a child to call his own
  • $1,412.09 ensures one child receives tutoring and free books for a school year
  • $4,464 funds tutoring and eight books for three children during the school year

Introducing "The Teeter Totter"

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"The Teeter Totter" by Dean Andrew, is a cartoon series about the balancing act between children and their tutors at East Side Learning Center. Check out our latest "Teeter Totters" below and be sure to watch our Facebook page for more on our blog!

Cartoon: "I can't read"
Blog: Give the Gift of Reading

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Welcome to the inaugural cartoon for the East Side Learning Center. With this cartoon we celebrate all who support the ESLC and why we were started by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. As tutors, donors, staff, and our partnering schools, we all share the ESLC mission and passion for helping children read. A huge thanks of gratitude to all of you on the behalf of the children and parents of the east side!

Cartoon: "Beginning Sounds"
Blog: Small Acts Make a World of Difference

TT Oink 4 Web ImageTutoring is full of surprises and fun! And, as tutors, we sometimes cannot contain the laughter and must share our stories. Staff member Sister Sharon still smiles and twinkles with joy when retelling this story. Children are sacred and a true source of joy!

Cartoon: "I miss you"
Blog: Spirit of the Holidays

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We sometimes wonder as tutors what is going on in a child's life. When a child says, "I missed you," we know we fulfill an unmet need. At ESLC we smile, we listen, we nurture, but most of all, we love. We also build reading skills. It's the first part, the love, that paves the way to the second part, the reading. And that is how we do it!

Cartoon: "Everything is a game"
Blog: Is literacy a civil right?

Facebook Share Feature Image SizeESLC believes literacy is a right and we certainly want reading for all. That’s why we try to make reading tutoring simple and fun! ESLC tutoring involves a lot of fun activities and games, but once we introduce board games involving dice and moving pieces around a game board, look out! Game on! Kids love literacy games with an element of competition, and they love to win. Our secret is that they are actually learning to read too!

Cartoon "The ABC's"
Blog: Immigration and Literacy in the US- Is literacy a human right?

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The inspiration for this cartoon came from a friend of the "Teeter Totter's" creator. He related an immigrant story about how a friend of his was named. The only English the original Syrian immigrant knew at Ellis Island was “ABC”, so when asked his name, he said “ABC.” The immigrant officer wrote down “Absey!” Many of the students we tutor are children of immigrants and begin with learning the ABC’s. First upper case, and then lower case. There’s a lot to learn!

Spread the word

Thank you for starting a conversation with someone you know about providing our children with a future filled with possibilities, dreams and hope! 

Here are some ideas of what to say:

  • Share why you love ESLC! “Did you know that I volunteer with East Side Learning Center? I love spending my free time tutoring children in Saint Paul because _________________________. ESLC is asking for the community to support their children right now because the United Way cuts are impacting our children. Do you think you could help me help the children at ESLC?”
  • Share your ESLC story! Start by sharing a funny or heart-felt story about one of your students. Then say, “ESLC has helped more than 3,000 students like him or her in St. Paul since 2001. Can you please help us support St. Paul children learn to read?”
  • Hit them with the facts! “Did you know that only 36% of third graders in St. Paul Public schools pass their standardized reading tests and that students who do not read at grade level by third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school? I volunteer at East Side Learning Center, where more than 90% of kindergartners who started out behind were ready to read at a first grade level by the end of last school year. Can you help support this awesome program please?”

**Don’t forget to tell them their donation will be doubled by a matching grant from the Katherine B. Andersen Fund of The Saint Paul Foundation!**