December 2017

Literacy and Immigration in the United States- Is literacy a human right?

I recently shared a blog about an unprecedented court case currently unfolding in Detroit. Effectively, a group of young men are suing the schools for their right to learn to read. They are accusing the district of failing to provide them with the constitutional right to literacy. But then I got to thinking more deeply about the children we serve—where they come from, their families, and their needs—and I realized that learning to read is not just a civil right, but a human right.

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Is literacy a civil right? We the people want reading for all.

A brave group of five former Detroit school students recently filed a lawsuit in federal court alleging that the school failed to protect their civil rights, because they failed to teach them to read. Is literacy—the ability to read and write—a civil right? I hope by the end of this message, you will know the answer in your heart.

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The Spirit of the Holidays

There is a Buddhist teaching that those who give and are truly generous will never eat another meal without desiring to share it with another. Maya Angelou once said that giving, “liberates the soul of the giver.” Thank you for sharing the holiday spirit by giving generously of your time and support this season.

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