Unlocking each child’s potential through the foundation of reading

East Side Learning Center is an educational partnership with the School Sisters of Notre Dame

Breaking News!

ESLC was recently featured on Channel 5 KSTP. The popular news station contacted us about our urgent need for volunteers. Our executive director, Chris Flippo, was interviewed for more information as well as long time volunteer, Mary Hill. As a result of the newscast, ESLC received a whopping 63 new volunteer applicants in just two weeks! Catch the full interview by clicking the picture above.

Give the Gift of Reading!

East Side Learning Center is an investment in our future! If children can read, they do well in math, science, history, economics, and ultimately, life! Your monthly gift to East Side Learning Center will ensure our children have the opportunity to dream about a career, going to technical school, or attending college. Support each child acquires the literacy skills required to build and create his or her own future. [Click the picture above to donate]

ESLC accepts gifts of stocks and securities

Ever wonder how to donate stocks or securities? ESLC makes it easy to donate stocks or securities. Simply complete the downloadable form and follow instructions to send it in.

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